Uprising 2017

May 23, 2016
Uprising 2017 focuses on the honing of our faith– both individually, and united as a church. We are called to establish a foundation for others to build the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus challenges us with a choice: build our lives upon the present worldly reality, or use it to invest in the coming Kingdom. When we are generous with that which we are given, we are actually paying forward the gifts we receive from above. Despite living in an age of narcissism and selfishness we are called to combat entitlement, and instead display Christ to the world and its many institutions–school, workplace, church, etc. This conference will focus on redirecting our motivations and foundations to invest in what really matters– heavenly treasure.


Think about your own church experience. Who takes time to teach and plan so that you can build your faith consistently?  Our pastors, parents, and mentors have dedicated their lives to making our world a better place. In turn, we now have the honor of doing the same for the next generation.


Areas of investing in future treasure that we will offer at this time:

  • A closer look at discipleship-making
  • Generosity with our mercy, grace, time, and resources

  • Gratitude in our millennial generation

  • Building healthy relationships in the church 

Speakers will include well-seasoned ministry leaders and pastors as well as young, home-grown leaders from our very own network of churches.